Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid

An Environmentally Sustainable Solution for Taming Difficult Ground Conditions

Aurora Environmental now have the sole distribution rights for Diamond Grid in Western Australia. Diamond Grid is a unique surface stabilisation and erosion control system which allows difficult terrains to be tamed while minimising environmental impact. We see it as a useful adjunct to our environmental consultancy practice.

The Diamond Grid interlocking system is robust, highly versatile and used extensively throughout mining/civil, rural and landscaping industries. It is easy to install without the need for special equipment or tools. The grids can be laid with minimal surface preparation, the surface simply needs to be levelled, and lightly compacted. The grids are then laid in the required pattern with adjoining grids being locked together with inbuilt tabs. The grids can simply be shaped to fit curves and obstructions using hand tools. Once laid out, the grids can be backfilled with your preferred back fill medium ranging from sand, cracker dust, grass, soil, fine aggregate, pea gravel, road base, bitumen and concrete. It can withstand loads in excess of 280 tonnes per square meter when empty and when backfilled with concrete, the surface is trafficable by heavy vehicles and crush resistance to over 1,000 tonne m2 acting as a replacement for steel reinforcing. Concrete costs can be reduced by up to 60% when using Diamond Grid as the reinforcement structure, as concrete depth required is only 40mm.

Diamond Grid offers a cost effective, sustainable alternative to conventional surfaces such as gravel, compact limestone, concrete or asphalt. Its features are:

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled, UV treated polypropylene.
  • Light weight and easily transported.
  • Requires minimal surface preparation.
  • Is highly durable with a long design life eliminating ongoing maintenance costs.
  • With appropriate backfill, provides a porous surface allowing rainfall to infiltrate rather than run-off. This also reduces the need for expensive piped drainage systems.
  • If required, the Diamond Grid panels can be recovered and re-used.

Diamond Grid has a wide range of applications including:

  • Airstrips, roads and car parks
  • Laydown and wash down areas
  • River crossings and boat ramps
  • Walking trails and fire trails
  • Feed and water trough pads
  • Golf courses
  • Mine site pathways, haul roads, access roads and hardstands
  • Pens and pathways in intensive agriculture such piggeries and dairies
  • Equestrian venues, holding areas, stables floors and day yards and shed floors.

For further information on this product see the Diamond Grid Web Site

For further information see the Diamond Grid Web Site

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