Brownfield Redevelopment

Aurora Environmental has particular expertise in finding solutions to sustainably redevelop brownfield sites. Acquiring, leasing and developing such sites carries with it the risk of inheriting the consequences of previous site practices, which can severely impact project economics as well as timing and nature of brownfield redevelopment project plans.

By undertaking comprehensive assessment prior to acquisition, or before embarking on lease agreements or ambitious development schemes, proponents reduce the possibility of severe impacts to their businesses due to unforeseen costs and/or delays.

Early assessment of a brownfield redevelopment site is critical to ensure that risks can be considered as part of the development design. In making a baseline assessment of a location prior to development, lease or acquisition, Aurora Environmental can assess the likelihood of concealed site risks such as site contamination or hazardous materials in buildings to be demolished or re-purposed, in order to devise and assist with budgeting and implementation of appropriate remediation or management strategies to mitigate those risks.

Aurora Environmental consultants have worked on numerous projects where the subject property has had a history of prior use where early involvement and assessment has allowed risks potentially posed by issues such as hazardous building materials, site contamination from onsite activities or importation of uncontrolled fill and even acid sulphate soils to be considered and mitigated as part of the design and subsequent construction process in a timely and cost effective manner.

Brownfield Redevelopment Services Include:

  • Due diligence assessment
  • Strategic advice, including early risk identification for your project to achieving desired site classification
  • Preliminary and detailed site investigation
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Remediation options evaluation including sustainable remediation
  • Remediation Action Plans
  • Site Management Plans
  • Environmental specifications for tender documentation and evaluation assistance
  • All aspects of environmental radiation and contamination monitoring and sampling in accordance with Radiation Management Plans
  • Waste characterisation, waste management and disposal, including intractable (Class V) waste
  • Acid Sulphate Soil assessment, monitoring and validation
  • Acid Sulphate Soil and Dewatering Management Plans
  • Remediation supervision (assisting the site superintendent) and validation
  • Asbestos investigations and remediation
  • Waste characterisation and waste management, including intractable (Class V) waste
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring programs
  • Soil vapour and vapour intrusion assessments
  • Landfill gas investigation and assessment
  • Dust and airborne contaminant monitoring.


Aurora Environmental has a long standing business relationship with external contracting groups delivering site remediation works. Our key contractor partner holds:

  • Class 1 Demolition Licence.
  • Controlled Waste Transport Licence.
  • Unrestricted Asbestos Removal Licence.

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Want to know more about our specialist environmental science and occupational safety & health consultancy services?

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