Environmental Impact Assessments, Approvals and Permitting

Aurora Environmental has extensive experience in the development of Environmental Impact Assessments and managing environmental approvals and permitting processes across a variety of industries in the private and public sectors. We are solutions focused, going beyond the preparation of the necessary documentation to analysing alternative approaches and proposing practical, effective mitigation strategies within the context of our client’s requirements.

Aurora’s Environmental Impact Assessment, approvals and permitting services include:

  • Environmental due diligence: Prior to purchasing, subdividing and/or developing land, we provide a high-level environmental assessment that details WA and Commonwealth environmental legislation and policies applicable to the development of the site, environmental risks and potential time and costs associated with implementing the development.
  • Environmental approval strategies: Identification of environmental assessment requirements for your project/s and the various pathways to achieve approvals.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Preparation of applicable documentation for each approval phase of referrals under Part IV Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA) and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cwlth) including; Section 38 and/or Commonwealth EPBC referrals, environmental scoping documents, environmental review documentation, response to submissions, Section 43A, 45C and 46 applications.
  • Development of environmental offset strategies: We assist with offsetting residual significant environmental impacts through the preparation of strategies for Commonwealth and State approval.
  • Licence and works approval applications: We complete the forms and provide a supporting report for owner/occupiers of prescribed premises that need approvals under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA).
  • Native Vegetation Clearing Permit applications: We complete the forms and provide supporting documentation for owner/occupiers wanting to clear native vegetation under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA). We assess proposed clearing of native vegetation against the 10 clearing principles and provide details on biodiversity value to determine the significance of clearing.
  • Advice on clearing native vegetation: We evaluate the potential clearing impacts related to a project, the requirement for further surveys/assessments, advise on additional approval requirements and provide practical avoidance, mitigation and management measures.
  • Mining Proposals: We prepare Mining Proposal submissions and Mine Closure Plans to permit the commencement of mining and related activities.
  • Licences and permits: We prepare the necessary documentation for applications to take groundwater and surface water, and for permits needed to interfere with bed and banks under the Rights in Water Irrigation Act 1914 (WA).
  • Appeals: We prepare environmental appeal documentation and assist with communication with the Office of the Appeals Convenor.

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Want to know more about our specialist environmental science and occupational safety & health consultancy services?

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