Karst Management

Aurora Environmental employs a number of geologists familiar with karst delineation and karst management. One of our Principals has worked in karst landform management for over 20 years and has experience with integrating geologcial mapping, stratigraphic drilling and specialised ground probing radar (configured for limestone terrains). Understanding karst will reduce the likelihood of building and road damage and help avoid ground collapse and settling.

Karst refers to terrain that has been formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone and which is characterised by solution pipes, sinkholes (or dolines) and caves. There are a number of karst regions in Western Australia, mostly aligned adjacent to the coast. The main karst area impacting urban development is associated with the Tamala Limestone and stretches along the coast from south of Augusta to Geraldton.

The requirement for understanding and managing karst landforms is becoming embedded in Local Planning Policy in Western Australia, with the potential for karst hazards such as ground destabilisation and groundwater contamination.

Aurora Environmental prides itself on the provision of competent and timely advice. We are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking and always consider the implication of our advice in terms of value for money and timeliness.

Featured Projects

Preliminary Karst Investigation
A preliminary drilling program was undertaken in the Deepdene locality to determine the extent of karst in the area and any influence it may have on the location of building envelopes.

Drilling Program to Delineate Karst in Baldivis
A number of detailed and increasingly intense drilling programs were undertaken to delineate subsurface karst features in a potential residential development area.

Breakwater Drive Alignment Study
A series of boreholes were positioned along the proposed alignment of Breakwater Drive and carefully logged to reveal any voids that could compromise the road alignment.

Karst Investigation of Rural Residential Development
A detailed drilling and mapping program was undertaken to define karst features that would warrant relocation of building envelopes on Lot 201 Breakwater Drive. Data from the investigation was also used by geotechnical engineers in determining the necessary class of footings for houses in the area.

Detailed Karst Investigation and Karst Landform Management Planning
A detailed karst investigation was undertaken, integrating geological mapping, drill hole logging and ground probing radar of Lot 202 Breakwater Drive. The investigation found that a large proportion of the site had moved to End-stage karst and was therefore safe for development.

Karst Management Services

  • Due diligence investigations
  • Site selection studies
  • Supervision and design of investigative drilling programs
  • Supervision and design of ground probing radar surveys
  • Opportunities and constraints analysis
  • Geological mapping
  • Data integration and interpretation
  • Groundwater bore installation and monitoring
  • Scenic resource surveys and management plans
  • Karst landform management plans
  • Desktop site suitability studies

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Want to know more about our specialist environmental science and occupational safety & health consultancy services?

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