Waste Management Audit

If you haven’t recently carried out a waste management audit and are following the same waste management practices you used 5 years ago then your waste disposal costs could have increased by up to 500% due to the WA State Government’s ever increasing landfill levy and generally higher waste disposal charges.

Given the competitive and difficult economic conditions that currently prevail in Western Australia, and if waste disposal represents a significant component of your business’s cost structure then you could be at risk of losing money, being less competitive in the market and potentially losing work to others who are smarter about waste management.

Aurora Environmental professional staff have extensive experience in waste management and can help you adopt the 3 key strategies needed to minimise the cost of waste disposal in your business:

  1. Reduce the volume of waste produced
  2. Maximise re-use and recycling of waste and
  3. Minimise disposal charges.

Aurora Environmental will visit your business and conduct a detailed audit of:

  • current policies and practice that relate to the generation and disposal of waste
  • the financial effect for waste disposal over the last 12 months and
  • where information is available, your performance relative to other businesses in your industry.

You will be presented with a comprehensive audit report which will:

  • summarise your waste generation and disposal costs and practices for the most recent 12 months
  • identify areas where changes can be made to save you money
  • provide an estimate of future cost savings.

Aurora Environmental can work with you to develop a flexible approach to paying for this service which could involve no up-front costs.

Service Areas

  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Business Efficiency
  • Waste Management

For further information on Waste Management contact Noel Davies on (+618) 9227 2600 or noel.davies@auroraenvironmental.com.au

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