Asbestos Risk Management

Aurora Environmental provides the whole range of services in the field of asbestos risk management from identification and sampling-analysis of suspect materials through to airborne fibre monitoring, implementation of strategic asbestos management plans, removals management and stakeholder engagement.

Most people know that asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma. However there are many examples each year of inadvertent exposures to airborne asbestos fibres and conversely many examples of anxieties running high when the actual risk of asbestos exposure is very low.
Accessing timely advice which is targeted to your workplace risk profile or emerging situation will help ensure that risks are controlled and perceptions managed.

Aurora’s OHS Group is one of the few NATA accredited Inspection Bodies (to ISO/IEC:17020) operating in WA but is also armed with the relevant Government exemptions (Customs and Worksafe WA) for importing and handling asbestos samples in addition to extensive experience in all workplace settings including international maritime; quite a unique combination.

Services include:

  • Asbestos surveys and (management and pre-demolition type)
  • Asbestos removal specifications and removals management
  • Asbestos removals clearance inspections
  • Asbestos management plans and strategic advice
  • Asbestos awareness programs
  • Airborne asbestos fibre monitoring and analysis
  • Asbestos exposure incident investigations and stakeholder liaison.

Want to know more about our specialist environmental science and occupational safety & health consultancy services?

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Want to know more about our specialist environmental science and occupational safety & health consultancy services?

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