Occupational Hygiene Risk Management

Aurora Environmental’s Occupational Hygiene Risk Management Consultants are experienced in the identification of hazards and assessment of risk to develop risk management strategies.

Our occupational hygiene team includes certified noise officers, registered CONTAM system samplers and qualified ventilation officers in addition to a breadth and depth of knowledge in hazard assessment techniques, sampling equipment and analyses.

Comprehensive evaluation and assessment of workplace occupational hygiene hazards is an essential starting point to ensuring a safe and productive working environment. Practical advice targeting any areas of concern from such assessments enables resources to be prioritised effectively.

Legislation requires that occupational health hazards are evaluated and managed accordingly. Moreover poor management of occupational hygiene hazards can not only cause acute and chronic health issues amongst workers but also adversely affects productivity, morale and ultimately finances.


Services include, but are not limited to, the identification, evaluation and management of risk associated with:

  • Physical hazards including noise and vibration, non-ionising radiation and thermal comfort
  • Chemical hazards including hazardous substances, nuisance dust, welding fumes, acid mists, volatile organic compounds
  • Biological hazards associated with potable water and indoor air quality
  • Ionising radiation and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) hazards
  • Radiation and contamination monitoring and sampling programs in accordance with the Site Radiation Management Plan

Techniques employed which support the above include noise surveys, whole body and hand-arm vibration assessments, ventilation measurement including spray booth and fume cupboard assessments, airborne contaminant sampling and Illumination surveys.

Want to know more about our specialist environmental science and occupational safety & health consultancy services?

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Want to know more about our specialist environmental science and occupational safety & health consultancy services?

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