Asbestos in Soil and Buildings Assessment, Eclipse Island

Project: Asbestos in Soil and Buildings Assessment, Eclipse Island
Client: Department of Parks and Wildlife

As part of an overall review of Eclipse Island and its infrastructure for possible future uses, Aurora Environmental was appointed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife to undertake an assessment of asbestos issues on the island and provide advice in regard to management requirements.

Many buildings were constructed in the 1920s and 1930s and not been occupied or used since the mid 1970’s when the lighthouse became automated. It was known that weathering had affected asbestos building products used in site structures, and previous infrastructure had been demolished and disposed of on the island.  Additional data was required to consider the implications of renovation and remediation of asbestos materials in historical structures, as well as management of asbestos material in soil.

A visual survey and limited sampling were undertaken to inform the site register and to assess soil contamination.  Information from the investigations was considered in light of limited access to the island (by boat or helicopter) to allow consideration of the costs which might be required for asbestos management against any benefits from potential development of the island for other uses.

Key services provided for this project included:

  • Review of existing documentation.
  • Site inspection of buildings and targeted areas on the island, including collection of samples for analysis, including assessment of the form, type and condition of the asbestos containing materials present.
  • Preparation of a hazardous building materials report.
  • Asbestos Register updates and recommendations.
  • Preparation of a Preliminary Site Investigation report, including comparison of results with Department of Health guidelines.
  • Strategic advice with regards to the requirements under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003.

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