Environmental Monitoring and Compliance, Brownes Dairy

Project: Brownes Dairy, Bunswick
Client: Brownes Dairy Ltd
Service: Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

Since 2011, Aurora Environmental has been assisting Brownes Dairy at Brunswick with its environmental monitoring and compliance programs including management and disposal of liquid and solid wastes.

Brownes operate a dairy located centrally in Brunswick Junction and as a result have limited landholdings for irrigation of treated effluent, this has constrained the business and resulted in some complaints from residential areas adjoining the dairy.  Aurora Environmental was engaged by Brownes to review its effluent treatment system, supervise its environmental monitoring programs, prepare environmental compliance reports and provide professional advice on environmental matters generally.
In addition Aurora Environmental provides ongoing advice and regulatory support to facilitate the recycling and re-use of whey produced during cheese making operations.  The service provided by Aurora Environmental allows Brownes to focus on its core objective of producing high quality dairy products at a competitive price point without being distracted by concerns associated with environmental compliance.  As a result of this successful partnership, Brownes now operates in full compliance with regulations and in cooperation with a number of partners, is successfully recycling liquid waste products such as whey in an environmentally beneficial manner.

Key services provided:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Compliance management
  • Wastewater engineering
  • Nutrient irrigation management plans
  • Wastewater modelling

Contact person for further project information

Name: Noel Davies

Email: noel.davies@auroraenvironmental.com.au

Direct phone: 0408 999 056

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