Climate Change Adaptation and Management – Coastal and Marine Discussion Paper

Project: Climate Change Adaptation and Management – Coastal and Marine Discussion Paper
Client: South Coast Natural Resource Management Incorporated

Aurora Environmental prepared a discussion paper in 2014 to provide information for South Coast NRM and its partners to outline the aspirations, goals and desired outcomes for the coastal and marine zones of the South Coast NRM region, with respect to climate change and its potential impacts.  The paper provided updated information in order to identify the priorities for action and seek funding and support from State and Commonwealth government.

The following background information was provided for key stakeholders:

  • An update on potential impacts identified in South Coast NRM’s Climate Change: Whole of Landscape Analysis of the Impacts and Options for the South Coast Region (Coffey Environments et al., 2009).
  • A broad description of coastal and marine assets.
  • Information that we know relating to values, risks and threats as they apply to climate change.
  • Current community and organisation capacity.
  • Gaps in information, including how impact predictions can be downscaled for regional areas.
  • Examples of adaptation Best Practice from Australia and around the world.
  • Presentation of a logical program framework which outlined aspirations, goals (10+ years), outcomes (1-5 years) (including possible options for measuring and monitoring, on-ground actions, capacity building and planning and policy framework development).
  • Potential measures and indicators for climate change.
  • Trade-offs for climate change impacts.
  • Useful links to information and organisations.

Key services provided:

  • Literature review
  • Data analysis
  • Community consultation and facilitation
  • Reporting

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