Cresco Asbestos Assessment and Remediation

Project: Cresco Site
Client: Wesfarmers Limited
Service: Asbestos in Soil Assessment, Remediation and Validation

Aurora Environmental was engaged by CSBP Ltd to develop an alternative approach to remediating 11ha of former industrial land located in Bayswater. An extensive surface area was sparsely contaminated with asbestos cement products and conventional remediation approaches were identified by CSBP as resulting in excessive remediation costs.

Aurora Environmental developed and obtained regulatory approval for an alternative adaptive remediation strategy. This alternative approach considerably reduced the soil volume planned for on-site containment and a consequent reduction in remedial costs. Remediation activities included mechanical tilling, hand-picking, raking, visual validation and soil sampling. Aurora Environmental also implemented a comprehensive data management system to ensure that remediation outcomes could be quickly verified with the Contaminated Sites Auditor. This allowed ongoing efficiency and confidence in the associated civil works.

Aurora Environmental liaised proactively with the key regulatory stakeholders throughout the project, thus increasing the level of confidence in the remediation strategy and simplifying the issue of final approvals by the Contaminated Sites Auditor.

Aurora Environmental supervised the remedial works and verified and documented the outcome. The site has since been reclassified under the Contaminated Sites Act as Remediated for restricted use in line with its planned redevelopment as a strategic parcel of industrial land.

The focus on meeting client needs while also ensuring full regulatory compliance resulted in a cost effective outcome for the client and is an excellent model for remediation of brownfield development sites.

Key services provided:

  • Asbestos testing
  • Brownfields redevelopment
  • Site Supervision
  • Contaminated sites Assessment and Remediation
  • Waste Management
  • Air quality management and monitoring

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