Asbestos Investigation, Remediation and Management – Kokardine Water Tank Reserve

Project: Kokardine Water Tank Reserve
Client: Water Corporation
Service: Asbestos Investigation, Remediation and Management

The Water Corporation maintains a large water storage tank at the reserve on the Dowerin-Kalannie Road for distribution throughout the area. Sections of unused steel water pipe coated with a material containing asbestos (and later coal tar) were previously stored at the site. The reserve is on privately owned land used for wheat farming.

Water Corporation personnel identified the potential asbestos impacts to soil after conducting an inspection of the site when it was discovered the pipe coating material was highly degraded and fragments were present on/in the soils where the pipes were stored.

During Aurora’s investigation of the site, the Water Corporation asked Aurora to also consider the presence of coal tar in the pipe coating material and the implications on the assessment at the site.

Services provided for this project:

  • Investigation/assessment to understand the nature and extent of asbestos and coal tar impacts
  • Development of a preferred remediation strategy for soil and pipes
  • Supervision of remediation of soils and removal of pipe coating materials by a contractor and conducted validation and further assessments
  • Preparation of remediation and validation and site management plans

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