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Service Stations – From Inception to Decommissioning

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • My client wants to develop a service station right next to a residential area, and the shire wants odour and noise advice, who do I call?
  • My conditional approval requires an Environmental Management Plan for my service station, who can write that?
  • We need an Urban Water Management Plan, who can give me advice on water management?
  • The government are saying I caused contamination, who can help me?
  • My underground diesel storage tank has been leaking and my neighbour thinks diesel is in the groundwater now, who can check this for me?

Aurora Environmental specialise in approvals and environmental management for new service stations as well as the assessment of contamination.

Aurora Environmental has been involved with the development of BP’s new Kwinana Freeway Service Centres, BP’s new Naval Base service station, BP’s Lakes Road redevelopment of an existing service station and with a new 7-Eleven service station and convenience store.

We can help you. Call us and speak with Brad Dermody or Caitlin Dorrington on (08) 9227 2600 or email at