Environmental Management & Reporting

Ongoing environmental management services include the preparation of plans for the protection of conservation areas (e.g. bushland, foreshores, fauna, wetlands, etc.), construction and operational phases of projects, site supervision, management of pollutants and provision of reports as required by government agencies.

Aurora Environmental provides the following environmental management and reporting services:

  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for the construction and operational phases of projects
  • Preparation of management plans for the protection of fauna, flora, vegetation, wetlands, foreshore areas etc.
  • Preparation of District and Local Water Management Strategies and Urban Water Management Plans
  • Site supervision
  • Management of pollutants, nutrients and drainage
  • Preparation and submission of reports to State and Commonwealth regulatory agencies, including compliance reports, annual reports, NPI accounting and reporting, waste inventory reporting and greenhouse gas reporting
  • Licensing and regulatory advice
  • Mine closure plans
  • Annual Environmental Reports.

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