Offshore & Maritime Services

Aurora Environmental’s OHS has a proven track record in delivering asbestos and occupational hygiene services to the Offshore & Maritime sectors in compliance with relevant international standards.

The team’s competencies, systems and project management processes are focussed on the needs of this sector, including those operators seeking to ensure that vessels are adequately prepared in a timely fashion for entry onto Australian projects. Aurora Environmental also works closely with international shipyards to ensure that newly built vessels meet expectations in relation to asbestos clearance, noise and vibration.

Aurora’s suite of occupational hygiene and asbestos risk management services are all relevant to this sector with most frequent ones including:

  • Asbestos surveys and clearance inspections
  • Noise and vibration assessments during sea trials
  • Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) and welding fume assessments
  • Indoor air quality and potable water assessments.

Aurora Environmental holds a Customs exemption for the importation of asbestos samples for analysis purposes ensuring projects are not adversely delayed by Customs related enquiries.

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